Remote Medical Coders

Our remote medical coders work for the clients, entering into database the different appropriate codes indicating diagnosis and procedures, carried out by the medical service providers, like hospital and clinic, in respect of the patient. Most often the remote medical coders our outside the medical service field, though at times they may be present at the clients healthcare facilities, when specifically required. They also liaise between the healthcare providers and their employer’s billing office.

Our remote medical coding process involves receiving necessary information or accessing the database having the particular medical records for individual patients via a secure media for review and coding. We also undertake remote medical coding for a hospital, where the patient is undergoing day time surgery procedures. Our remote medical coders are fully trained and experience enough to enter codes accurately for all types of specialized medical services in respect of the patient.

Outsourcing the remote coding tasks to us our clients have benefited much in saving time and expenditures on resources. With an eye for details, our expert remote coders are proficient enough to accurately enter the codes. The medical documents and final billing, shaped by our remote medical coders are always complete in all respect and fully comply with the regulatory requirements. Hospital and clinics in need of availing the services of remote medical coders may contact us for outsourcing their work on easy terms. By outsourcing, our clients are guaranteed to better manage their revenue cycle and have peace of mind, too.