Remote medical coders

Remote medical coders save thousands of dollars to providers and hospitals every year. Medical coders help healthcare providers to assign ICD and CPT codes to their patient’s diseases and treatments. They are responsible to carefully analyze the medical reports and accurately code them. Coders work away from actual provider facilities and have the capability to work individually. Medical coders are usually certified and pay great attention to details.

Remote medical coders have the ability to work independently without any supervision. They have great ability to communicate well with different entities to ensure clean coding. Remote medical coders update themselves with the on-going compliance and payer specific requirements. They use various tools including medical coding forums to stay updated on the changes. They also review payer coding related newsletters to stay current with the rules and regulations. Remote medical coders use different coding tools to ensure accuracy and high quality. They also have the ability to work long hours whenever required. This enables quick turnaround time for the providers.

Remote medical coders have the ability to work through medical record systems. They also have the ability to work offline and provide customer specific reports on daily basis. Providers can even send in hard copies of the medical records to the coder’s location. Coders are usually well experienced, efficient and accurate.

Remote Medical Coders bring many benifits to the providers

  • Medical coders provide service level guarantees and quick turnaround times
  • Eliminate administrative and infrastructure expenses for the providers
  • Help providers save big on staffing and training costs.
  • Their fixed per report pricing model helps the providers to clear visualize their monthly expenses and help to plan budgets.
  • Remote medical coders provide great flexibility and have the ability to work part-time, full-time and over-time.

Medical coders get their work through hospitals, physician, ambulatory surgery centers, staffing and medical billing companies.