Medical Coding Service

Medical coding is an important process that depends on high accuracy and consistency. Medical coding services handle all type of medical charts and records. Coding services should ensure all legitimate reimbursements are received for the services provided and documented. Medical coding should comply with coding guidelines provided by federal and state payers. They also need to understand different payer specific requirements.

Medical coding services are provided by certified CPC (Certified Professional Coders) or CCS (Certified Coding Specialists). They ensure all services provided and documented are clearly analyzed and coded to the highest specificity. They look at documented medical conditions and assign ICD codes for it. Medical coding services can provide many benefits to healthcare providers.

Medical coding services employ certified medical coders with excellent knowledge in ICD, CPT and HCPCS coding. They consistently keep up with changing requirements and adapt quickly. All coded reports are audited during the day before delivery to client ensuring high quality.

Medical Coding Service include:

  • Physician Outpatient coding
  • Hospital Inpatient coding
  • Evaluation and Management coding
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
  • Specialty specific coding
  • Payer specific coding and more

Medical coding services bring in various advantages to the healthcare providers. They help to reduce compliance risk. All reports are delivered within 12-24 hours turnaround time. Project specific reports are delivered on daily basis. It provides huge cost savings by reducing and in some cases eliminating initial investments. Easy access to documents and secured data transfer.

Coding services cover many specialties including Radiology, Anesthesiology, Ambulatory surgical centers, Surgery coding, Cardiology, Internal medicine, Infectious diseases and more.

Medical coding is a highly specialty oriented business and requires good understanding of medical specialty and practice. Accurate, good quality coding ensures quick reimbursements and reduces denials on claims considerably. This increases revenues for the healthcare facilities and providers. Outsourcing medical coding services is a good option for the providers assisting them in many ways.